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As a young adult, Craig decided to pursue a Career in the Real Estate World.164036_193259884021494_8338776_n

Speaking of what motivated him to make this choice, Craig says, “I really enjoyed meeting and talking with people and found that there is nothing like helping folks overcome the unique challenges that each one faces in selling their home, or finding just the perfect property to meet their needs.”

Craig started his Real Estate career working for the 1# RE/MAX Real Estate team in the state of Alaska. This gave him valuable experience and training to be one of the very best Realtors out there. He personally negotiated over 170 contracts and helped well over 120 people find the perfect home, and this top quality training and experience is what Craig is bringing into his career selling homes in Tennessee.

Craig says, “In selling Real Estate, I believe in Setting a Higher Standard of service and performance. Choosing a Realtor to sell your home is such an important decision, and it is one I take very seriously. I am committed to going the extra mile, either to help you be successful in selling your home or in helping you to find just what you are looking for. I believe in exceeding your expectations and giving you what you are really looking for. Because I want to give you the best kind of service, I survey every one on my clients to find out how I did and how to do better. If you are not happy, then I am not either. I have invested allot of time and effort in getting the best Real Estate training available, as well as spending allot of money to make sure your home stands out and is seen by more people in more places than ever before. I am not interested in listing homes just to end up disappointing people when the homes dont sell. Results are the name of the game and that is my commitment to you.”